My personal yoga practice over the years – lately, Bikram yoga in particular – has been incredibly useful in helping me help my patients as well as myself.

The obvious benefits from yoga are increased strength, flexibilty and balance. Less obvious are the improved functioning of hearts, livers, kidneys, uteruses, glandular and hormonal systems. This list could go on and on. The understanding of how these helpful changes occur is actually very close to the thoughts of an Osteopath. Unimpeded exchange of fluids, energy flow and good postural balance are what yoga seeks to achieve. So does an experienced Osteopath with his or her patients. The combination of both is very powerful. There is plenty you can do with your yoga practice, but some problems can remain. Old or recurrent injuries, long term health issues, blockages in your emotional or spiritual life can all be helped by Osteopathic work.

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