Testimonials about Chris Harris' osteopathy

I first saw Chris for treatment during a very busy phase of my life; stressed as I was, he was quick to respond to the rather precarious place I had worked myself into.  The direction of his treatments, his encouragement and pragmatic suggestions all helped to ease and re-focus my energies towards a more natural or neutral tone.  As a professional dance artist and someone who has a sensitive system generally, this is of enormous value.  Chris also was able to make connections through his own yoga practice - although I also practice yoga, I do feel that there is a particular level of inhabitation and commitment to one's bodymind that this enables or supports.  He employs his intuition wisely and tactfully; the information he was able to feedback to me through treatment was both perceptive and well-judged in terms of timing.  I continue to recommend him as someone with a great deal of insight into the subtleties of energetic work and physical bodies.

Ms J. C. – May 2008

I first came to see Chris 3 years ago about a very sore neck I had acquired after an un-informed headstand! Full of sensitivity, intelligence and humour, Chris set about helping to heal what he described as an awakening of old injuries and tensions. I returned home feeling rather heavy and drowsy. Lying down casually at around 6pm, I fell into one of the deepest sleeps I had ever had, not arising until the next morning, and feeling refreshed and un-locked. I have seen Chris numerous times since for various ailments, including a bicycle accident in which I was knocked unconscious and had my nose broken. If I hadn't seen him several times regarding during this time, I am sure I would still be suffering side-effects from the accident. He was brilliant; practical, focused and sympathetic in the most rounded sense of the word.

My reactions to his treatment vary, sometimes strong, sometimes more subtle. I have recommended him to many a friend for many a problem. I think cranial osteopathy is a fascinating and wonderful thing, and as a craft and holisitic pracitice, is lucky to have such a committed and gifted exponent/practitioner as Chris Harris.

Miss O. C. – Musician, London

I went to the doctor about creaky knees and was told ‘wear and tear’. That was it. End of story. Message: you just have to put up with it. I  went to Chris who said ‘wear and tear … and let’s see if we can do something about it’. And he did. The knees are much better, and the work-related (hours at the computer)chronic back/neck pain is a thing of the past.  I don’t understand how this cranial osteopathy works, but then nor do I understand how electricity works and I’m happy to use that! I am now absolutely sold on cranial osteopathy in general and Chris in particular. I have recommended him to a number of people and all come away with a feeling of being listened to and looked after, and with their aches alleviated or banished. Chris is reassuring and caring. From the first session, you just know he is a skilled practitioner and that you are in safe hands.

Ms K. D. – Stoke Newington June 2008